Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yep! We are having QUADS!!!!!!

We had our second ultrasound today, and baby C caught up to the rest of the others. THere are still four heartbeats!!!!!! Everyone is measuring right one track. Their heartbeats were 178-164. They now have arm and leg buds and are moving like crazy. Of course I can't feel it yet, but there will plenty of that going on in no time. Our due date is June 20, 2008. However, Dr. Dunn told us to expect them to come more like TAX TIME (4/15/08). Our goal is to shoot for 32 wks. We are being referred to a Perinatologist in Houston. We have our first appt. with him on 12/4/2007.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A little scare

Well we had a little scare today, I started bleeding, but went to the dr. and they did another ultrasound and all four babies are doing great. THe one they were worried about is now bigger than the other three. There heartbeats were as follows
baby a -157
baby b- 158
baby c- 160
baby d - 152
HE told us today that since we have made it to 8 wks. That the chance for miscarriage goes down to 5% per baby now. So that was great news.
Will post again next wed. when we go back.