Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogger Missing in Action

I was so good about blogging and keeping everyone up to date on the latest and greatest with Perez Party of 8, but as some of you may have noticed and commented about, I have not been blogging very much lately. What could possibly be the reason for this you ask????????? Other than the fact that I have 4 very ACTIVE quadruplets, 10 yr old, 6 yr old & a wonderful husband who has been on straight nights since August. Actually none of that believe it or not. The real reason I haven't been blogging, is because I have just recently embarked on a new adventure. When God blessed us with quadruplets, making me a stay at home again to all 6 of our kids, which is the BEST job EVER, I had no idea I would get the opportunity to even fulfill this idea I had!!!!!! What I am getting at, is this, I have recently started my own business called Southern Chic Boutique. I am making & selling rhinestone apparel (crosses, Fleur De lis, sports mom & sooo much more)
hair bows & interchangeable crochet headbands
tutus~can do any color tutu & and matching hair bow!
pillowcase dresses/matching bow~these are great dresses if it his cold (you can wear it with leggings & long sleeve shirt under it) if hot out side just put some bloomers under it. Get 2 seasons out of 1 dress.
I am also adding new stuff all the time. I wanted to do something that I really liked but that was also affordable to . With that idea in mind, I started my business. It has been doing really well, and I am in the process of getting a website up & running. However, I do have a business page on facebook if you are interested in checking out my stuff. I can also do custom work with any of my products. So if you don't see what your looking for or already have something in mind, send me and email I we can work together to meet your needs. I will also offer discounts to anyone buying multiples items at once. If you would you like to order something, and you mention this post I will give you 10% discount or free shipping. So go check out my stuff and tell me what you think. I will have a blog now that will be just for my business, but in the mean time I wanted to let my blogger friends know what I have been up to.
Here are a couple of pics of my stuff~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First School Dance

I can't believe I am sitting here writing this. Haiden went to his first school dance last weekend.
He was so excited to go, so what does a dance clothes of course. Off we went to get him some new clothes. We had so much fun shopping, I couldn't believe it, my son having fun shopping. REALLY??? He got all dressed up and told me "mom I need Dad's cologne because he has the REAL good smelling stuff. I thought that was so funny and so cute, and ALL grown up. WOW! He went with a friend of his, I picked the boys up from the dance. I got all the gossip, hehe! I asked him so, who did you dance with? his response "nobody", WHAT???? He said I did dance the cupid shuffle, but otherwise I didn't dance. He then goes on to tell me, "mom, those girls, they get DOWN, I mean GET DOWN, of course telling me this and cracking up laughing at the same time. I made a comment about him being very giggly, his reply "oh yeah, they had snacks, so I ate 2 bags of chips & 3 candy bars". I just laughed and realized, he is such a guy to want to talk about the food & how much he ate. I remember walking out from picking him up with another mom (who I went to high school with) and I said, "girl, I can't even believe we are picking up our BABIES from a school dance". Man time really does fly. All in all, Haiden had a great time, and looked so handsome all dressed up & ready to go. My question is, do you think he will brag about all the snacks he ate at his senior prom??? HA!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Box Races ANYONE?

Cole: "what did you say box races?"

So when all else fails give em boxes, buckets or socks!

This is one of our new found favorites! They love bowls, buckets & spoons!

Cole is one of our thumb suckers! Normally he holds his blanket, but he was sleepy & decided his Daddy's CLEAN sock would do the trick! A little update on Cole, he is not only full blown walking, he is running & CLIMBING!!!!!

The quads got Nana & Nonnie to push them around in these diaper & wipe boxes!
They had the best time doing this. We laughed, they laughed it was just good fun all the around!
Who could leave out this picture of Ella getting kisses from her Dada! Poor baby she is such a snaggle tooth! But the cutest snaggle tooth ever!