Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school for ALL SIX kiddos

I can't believe that the kids are already back in school. My, where did our summer go? Haiden started 6th grade this year, he was a little apprehensive because he would have 4 teachers and not be on a team anymore. They are trying to get them ready for Junior High, did I REALLY just type JUNIOR HIGH????? He is however adjusting just fine to the new schedule & homework. He did AWESOME last year on his state mandated tests and even got Commended on Reading (he only missed one question) so he got a medal. This is a HUGE accomplishment for him seeing that he is Dyslexic in Reading. He was so proud of himself, as were we. He will be playing baseball, showing his heifer & pig at the county fair again this year. He is also wanting to run for student council!
Kennedy started second grade this year! She has Mrs. Gomez and LOVES her. She was also Haiden's 3rd grade teacher. She LOVES LOVES LOVES school, or is the dressing up and matching accessories that she likes?HA! She is such an AWESOME reader and loves to read too! I hope she continues to have this passion for reading. She will be taking dance again this year. However, she is patiently (NOT) waiting for next year, because she too will finally be able to show at the county fair.
The quads also started school this year, or should I say Mother's Day Out. It is Tuesdays & Thursdays. This was their first week, and there were NO tears shed by ANYONE, not even me! Their teacher said they were really good & great helpers at picking up toys. She also said they LOVE to wash their hands in the classroom sink! HA! As a matter of fact when Jeremy and I went to pick them up, there they were washing their hands. Hmmm....maybe they remember their early days of being preemies and everyone always washing their hands! Just kidding, well about them remembering being preemies. They also all kept talking about the "big potty". We haven't started potty training yet, but the school offers to help out when you do start potty training, so I am thinking around Thanksgiving we will give it a whirl! They were so funny when they came home from school, they were smiling and singing and LOVING on EVERYONE! It was soooo sweet to watch, it just reminds us that this was a good decision putting them in school. Ella kept going around saying, "I liiiiiiiiiike school". Lets just hope they continue to love it as much as they do right now.