Friday, December 28, 2007

We are having 3 GUYS & A GAL

Ok so I went to the doctor yesterday, Heather got to make this one. The babies are doing GREAT!! For those of you that don't already know there are 3 BOYS and 1 GIRL!! We are so excited :) Of course you know Heather was holding out hope that all of them were boys but everyone else was thinking there were 3 girls and 1 boy. Well boy were they wrong. The little girl (Baby A) is at the bottom because she is the boss and she has to keep the boys in line just like her big sisiter...Ha Ha! Poor Baby B) has NO room in between his sister and brother. At one point the doctor was looking at him and he had his little hands together like he was praying :) We said that's because he is praying for some more room...LOL. Baby C is good as well. It's hard to keep things straight but, he is the one that was streched out. Baby D is on the other side away from his brothers and sister. He likes to hang out by himelf. He is doing good as well. When they were trying to see the sex of the babies we couldn't see Baby A's because she had her legs closed for the longest time. Then when the doctor starting looking he finally got her to open her legs. We could CLEARLY see that Baby B, C, and D were boys. They had NO problem showing their business...Ha Ha. I am doing good. Kind of tired a lot but hanging in there. So all in all EVERYTHING is GOOD!! Keep up the praying;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

First appt with Dr. Reiter

Hey all everything went well at the dr. today and all was good. They have grown so much. Baby A is WILD. The rest of them are pretty calm. We like him a lot he is a man of few words but really knows the world of multiples pregnancy. He didn't do the nuchal test on their necks (which would look for markers of downs syndrome, he said they are to small. We are not having amniocities done, because the babies are faternal (meaning they are all in their own sacs) and would have to have four amnios done and run a big risk of loosing one or all the babies. So we have decided against that . But otherwise they are all doing great.Heartbeats were 171, 171, 164, and 163.keep up the prayers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yep! We are having QUADS!!!!!!

We had our second ultrasound today, and baby C caught up to the rest of the others. THere are still four heartbeats!!!!!! Everyone is measuring right one track. Their heartbeats were 178-164. They now have arm and leg buds and are moving like crazy. Of course I can't feel it yet, but there will plenty of that going on in no time. Our due date is June 20, 2008. However, Dr. Dunn told us to expect them to come more like TAX TIME (4/15/08). Our goal is to shoot for 32 wks. We are being referred to a Perinatologist in Houston. We have our first appt. with him on 12/4/2007.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A little scare

Well we had a little scare today, I started bleeding, but went to the dr. and they did another ultrasound and all four babies are doing great. THe one they were worried about is now bigger than the other three. There heartbeats were as follows
baby a -157
baby b- 158
baby c- 160
baby d - 152
HE told us today that since we have made it to 8 wks. That the chance for miscarriage goes down to 5% per baby now. So that was great news.
Will post again next wed. when we go back.

Monday, October 29, 2007

First Ultrasound

My appt was for 3:15 pm. Me, Jeremy and my mom went to the ultrasound. Prior to the appt. I was really experiencing morning sickness pretty bad, and my boobs hurt so bad I began to wonder if both follicles had fertilized. Boy, was I fixing to get the shock of a lifetime. My mom also kept saying I think you are pregnant with more than just one, she then says "Hey Jer what if it is triplets" His reply" One would be good, two would be great, but three will scare me." So a few minutes later the tech walks in and she starts the ultrasound. She begins looking at the paperwork over and over, then back to the screen and she continues this a couple of times. MY mom gets worried and looks up at the screen, and quietly mouths to me "there are three black circles". She then gets up and stands beside me, I then ask the tech" what's wrong, you can't find the heartbeat can you?" She replys " is this your first ultrasound?" I said "yes". THen she says" I can find heartbeat(S) alright, heartbeat(S) I say, now mind you Jeremy is still sitting in the chair not moving or talking. SHe tells me that we are having triplets and they all have heartbeats. By now Jeremy is up and standing by me just patting my arm saying we are going to be alright. I wondering there for a moment who he was really trying to convince. Me or Him? Then my mom says I think I see one more, the tech tells her no, it is just an ovary. Nurse mom says can you just check and sure enough she moves over in that direction and she says" OH MY YOU ARE HAVING QUADS!!!!" We were very nervous.
Next, we went in to talk with the dr. he told us we would have to go to a high risk dr. and told us some of the risks, he also told us that Baby C was small, and for us not to expect it to make it. We would need to come in for another ultrasound in two weeks. To see if all four were progressing forward.
We were nervous but very excited.
We came back to TC to tell Jeremy's family and my family.
We gave the ultrasound pics to his parents and sister and boy were they shocked, happy, but shocked. Let's see Heather's (Auntie's) exact words were shut the @#%* up. Heather speechless, no way! Well this time she was, everyone congratulated us. We then told the kids, Kennedy said "that's a lot of babies you know" Haiden was a little more quiet, he then leaned into me and said "Mommy I am happy"
Dad, Donna, and Ashley were left a little speechless as well. Christie laughed continuosly from shock, and Tammie (Mimi) she had to go poo poo, to much for her tummy to handle. All in all everyone was happy for us and wished us well.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am pregnant

I was set up to come in on the 11th of October, to have a blood pregnancy test done. Well if you know me, you know I could not wait until then to find out. So I bought a pregnancy test to take at home. On Sunday, October the 8th I took it, well it was really faint, so I thought for sure it was left over hormone in my system. I thought well I'll take another one tomorrow morning, I did and it turned positive before I was done using the restroom. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited but wanted to call the nurse to make sure the hormone was out of my system and this was not a false positive. I called that morning, and she told me it was probably out of my system and that I was probably indeed pregnant. She had me come in and get my blood drawn to be sure. I got the call we had been waiting for I was PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My HCG was 29. She told me I would need to do another one on the 10th to make sure the number doubled. I got my results back from that test and it more than doubled. So we were having a baby. My first ultrasound was scheduled for October 29th.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Injectables & possibly twins

Well we went to Dr. Dunn for help in getting pregnant one last time. We used the same medicine, that we did with the last two pregnancies, but it wasn't working, and he gave us the option of using injectables. He told us the risks for multiples, he said we had a high chance of having twins, and maybe a slight chance of triplets. We decided to try it once and see what happened. THe next step was for us to be trained in giving the injections. I said "We", let me correct that, I received the training in how to give myself the injections, because if you know Jeremy, you know he does not do needles. I gave these shots to myself for nine days, and went back to the dr. for follicle scans, and bloodwork (lots). We got a call on Sept. 27 to give myself the last shot which was a trigger shot to release the follicles. Which by the way we were told I had 2 mature follicles that a had chance to fertilize and 2 small ones that were to small to fertilize. So we were thinking twins. Right? with 2 mature follicles, well that was not exactly how it went......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The 4 of us & Trying for one more:)

Jeremy & I have been married 11 yrs (dec 07). It is been a very blessed and eventful marriage. First came Haiden (8/99), and if know us by now you know that we went through many years of him being sick and trying to figure out why and how to fix it. Finally, after 6 years we are well and living life to it fullest. He his a big baseball fan and is now raising animals in Ag. Then in (7/03) came Ms. Kennedy. She is for sure the life of the party kind of girl. She will let you know what she is thinking no matter what!! So about a year ago we decided to try for one more. We again had to seek fertililty treatment, and the rest well..... is in the next post.