Friday, December 28, 2007

We are having 3 GUYS & A GAL

Ok so I went to the doctor yesterday, Heather got to make this one. The babies are doing GREAT!! For those of you that don't already know there are 3 BOYS and 1 GIRL!! We are so excited :) Of course you know Heather was holding out hope that all of them were boys but everyone else was thinking there were 3 girls and 1 boy. Well boy were they wrong. The little girl (Baby A) is at the bottom because she is the boss and she has to keep the boys in line just like her big sisiter...Ha Ha! Poor Baby B) has NO room in between his sister and brother. At one point the doctor was looking at him and he had his little hands together like he was praying :) We said that's because he is praying for some more room...LOL. Baby C is good as well. It's hard to keep things straight but, he is the one that was streched out. Baby D is on the other side away from his brothers and sister. He likes to hang out by himelf. He is doing good as well. When they were trying to see the sex of the babies we couldn't see Baby A's because she had her legs closed for the longest time. Then when the doctor starting looking he finally got her to open her legs. We could CLEARLY see that Baby B, C, and D were boys. They had NO problem showing their business...Ha Ha. I am doing good. Kind of tired a lot but hanging in there. So all in all EVERYTHING is GOOD!! Keep up the praying;)

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