Monday, August 25, 2008

black & white photos of the babies

I thought I would try my hand in photography, while I am waiting on our professional photo pics to be taken.

First day of School

Today started Kennedy's first day of Kindergarten. I can't believe how time flies. She is getting so big. Haiden started 4th grade today. He was very quick to tell me "Mom just drop me at the door, please don't walk me into to school, that is not cool anymore" Ok, so I have to realize he is growing up. Nine years old to be exact. I took Kennedy into Miss Hazzard's class, and I told her to have a great day and that I loved her. Before I knew it she came bolting out of the classroom door, yelling "MOMMY", so I choked back the tears, and told her I loved and that I had put a surprise in her lunch. I turned to walk away and the tears came pouring down my face. I know, I know she will be fine. I am just trying to remind myself that she is growing up, but honestly where does that time go? I will have to update on their first day to let you all know how it goes. It is off to take care of QUADS. So at least I have something or somebodies to keep me busy. Maybe it is me that I am trying to convince that I will be ok. I will be fine, this year will come and go so fast, and the quads will be turning one. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go to Sleep, Say Goodnight

That's right the QUADS are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to some very helpful advice from fellow quad moms. ( Mari Goerlich and Maria Carlson) you have saved my sanity that is for sure. Thanks a million. I emailed both of them trying to get some ideas for schedules and sleeping. Well I tried their ideas and what do you know it worked. The babies go down at 6:30 pm with their last bottle for the evening and wake up at 6am. I am completely amazed and well rested to say the least. Casen did have some trouble with this at first, but with the pedi's ok I let him cry it out when he woke up, and with in minutes he was back asleep. It has been so nice, especially since this gives Jeremy and I time alone with the older kids, and time alone for ourselves. Thank you again Mari and Maria. Ok, so I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Haha

4 months OLD

Time seems to be flying by right before our very own eyes. The babies are getting so big, it is amazing how much they have changed in just 4 short months. I can remember those days of sheer survival, and now we are actually living life and loving it. We went to the pediatrician last week for their check up. I have to tell you the funniest things happen there. I say funny, because if we didn't laugh I would probably cry. First we get there, and mom and I realize they need to eat for the two o'clock feeding. Great, I was afraid of this. We always try to feed them before we go anywhere. So mom and I proceed to feed the babies. Everything was going great until they called us back to see the dr. We get them all weighed and measured, the dr. comes in starts assessing everyone, and Cooper pees all over Dr. Binder and Cole's face. Then we move on to Casen well he was doing his usually crying and wanting to be held, after Dr. Binder was finished with him, he proceeds to show the dr. how strong he is by rolling over on the table of course he was right next to the end where the table drops off. Luckily I was there to catch the worm. Now mind you mom has Ella and Cooper in her arms, and Cole was being his normal patient self and waiting his turn, all the while talking to Dr. Binder trying so hard to get his attention. Next we were on to Miss Ella, and finally Cole. While we were looking at the growth charts, Ella coughs before we knew it she was projectile vomiting on to me, in my shoes, down my pant leg, and of course onto the dr.'s shoes. We get that mess cleaned up, and I look over and Cole has puked on Dr. Binder's shirt. I guess that will show everyone not to ignore him, or otherwise he will puke on you. Haha We got finished, they got their shots OOOUUCCHH!!! That was horrible. Then it was off to load them up and head home. It was a total of 2 hrs of an appt. For the good news, they babies are all pushing themselves up from their arms. He would like to see them pushing up more of their torso as well. They have all learned to roll over, except Ella. Ella would have to be awake long enough to learn to roll over. I guess the queen needs her sleep. They have all learned to coo and Cole is now giggling it is so cute. And for the biggest news of all. COOPER is the biggest of them all. Who would of thought the sickest baby would surpass his siblings, he is now being referred to as our linebacker. The pedi wants them to be able to reach out for objects, grabbing objects, pushing themselves up even more and rolling over without any effort. All of this by our 6 month check up which will be in October. They have also been enrolled in an RSV clinic to receive vaccinations to help prevent them from getting this. It is basically pneumonia in babies, and could be fatal. So we got to keep up with the hand washing and keeping the babies indoors more.

Here are their weights and heights

Ella: 10lbs 8oz 20 1/4 in

Cole: 10lbs 14oz 21 3/4 in

Cooper: 11lbs 4oz 21in

Casen: 10lbs 7oz 21 1/2 in

I decided to include pics from when they were 4 days old and now 4 mos old.





Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cooper's Surgery

On Friday, Cooper went in to have surgery to repair two hernias and to be circumcised. Poor little guy. He had to stay overnight, since he was a preemie, and was sent home on a apnea monitor, they wanted to make sure he didn't have any apnea spells. It was more of a concern him coming out of the anesthesia, and remembering to still breath. Well he was the true TROOPER that he is. He did great, no apnea spells. On a different note, Dr. Chung ended up finding that he had TWO inguinal hernia. So he repaid those and the umbilical hernia. So, THREE incisions later and being recircumcised, I say he stills holds true to his nickname from the NICU "COOPER THE TROOPER". We got home on Saturday, and he is doing great. He is not in any pain, thank goodness, and resting comfortably. We go back to the Dr. on Thursday for a follow up and hopefully his days of being in the hospital and having surgery are over for good. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. GOD ID GOOD!