Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is just one freezer full of milk that I have been storing for the quads for when they come home. We have to start using the other freezer that is in our garage. Can you believe that I have all of this, plus I am taking a ton to the NICU. I know that the more they drink the faster it will deplete, but in the mean time I am pumping away.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Everyone is continuing to get stronger, Ella and Cole seem to be the strongest two of the four. Cole has a turtle on his bed and we have been saying they should of put Superman, because he is trying to fly out of his bed and keeps getting his diaper off. I will be getting out of the hospital soon. I am going to be very sad to leave them, but it comforts me to know they are in good hands and this is where they have to be. Cooper is still stable, which is good.


We learned today that Cooper and Casen have a pda. This is where the valve in the heart doesn't close. It should close when a baby is first born, but since they are premature sometimes it closes and sometimes it doesn't. This means that the two of them will be starting meds to help close the valve, if it doesn't work then they will have to do a minor surgery and put a clip on the valve to close it. But we have faith the meds will work and we will avoid surgery. Please pray for them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Babies update

Well my grandparents came to visit today, and while Gammy and I were in there visiting, we saw Dr. Simchawitz run over to Cooper and start working with him. They told me they thought his lung had collapsed. We call a call later that it didn't collapse, he just needed to get the surfactin to help his lungs mature. Well later on that evening Jeremy and I went in to visit and sure enough Cooper's lung collapsed. They had to put a chest tube in and put him on the ventilator. Please pray for him. THe others are doing well. They are stable and on cpap. We continue to pray for them and take one day at a time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My sister Ash, who kept me sane;)
Tammie, Christie, Haiden & Nen

This post is from Heather's myspace, I stole it from her that way I didn't have to rewrite everything!

I got a call @ 8:15 yesterday morning saying that they were taking my sister-n-law in for an emergency c-section. Of course we were all freaking out. So my dad came to pick me up and we headed to the hospital. By the time we got there they already had her in the OR doing the C-section. It seemed like we waited FOREVER for someone to come tell us how things were going. So finally my brother came out and told us that all the babies were good and my sister-n-law was doing good also. He said that they all had good color and that their hair is black! Of course it’s going to take me a little while to get every straight but Ella and Cole were born at 9:36 am then Cooper was born at 9:37 am and last but not least Casen was born at 9:39 am. We waited awhile and then a nurse came in the waiting room and asked for the family, so we all went out in the hall and they brought the babies out for us to see. Out first was Ella and Cooper then out came Casen and last but not least we got to meet Cole. They are SO little but so precious! One of them needed help breathing (I am not FOR SURE but I think it was Casen) but not too long after he was breathing on his own. Their feet and hands are so small and their arms and legs are long and skinny :)
Ella Grace weighed 2lbs and was 14 inches long
Cole Austin weighed 2lbs 7 oz and 14 1/ inches long
Cooper Brody weighed 2lbs 1 oz 14inches long
Casen Cash weighed 2lbs 7oz and was 14 1/2 inches long
I gotta tell ya...My family makes some of the most beautiful babies EVER!! My sister-n-law is doing great (well she was yesterday). You wouldn’t have been able to tell that she just had a c-section! She was doing what she does best...TAKING PICTURES...LOL! So right now everything is great :) THANKS to everyone who prayed for the babies, my sister-n-law and my family!!