Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hollywood 7th Birthday Diva

Kennedy decided this year she didn't really want a BIG party, but something FUN~ She also had been waiting for Romona and Beezus movie to come out. It just so happened that it was coming out the same weekend as her birthday, then the creativity got started from there. She chose a couple of friends to invite. I then made each of them shirts & flip flops, and bought boas & sunglasses for assemble. I have to admit it really turned out super cute. Their shirts had an admit one ticket in zebra print that I then stitched and outline in hot pink, and you can see from Kennedy's outfit how the rest of the items went along with their attire.

These are the popcorn buckets I picked up from the dollar spot and we filled it with their shirts, flip flops, sunglasses & invitation for the party. I took her to each house and this is what she gave each of the girls.

Here are all the diva Hollywood movie goers! How stinking cute is this?

After the movies it was off to dinner, the girls all picked Hooters.HA!
These ladies would be the chaperones that went with me & had a great time as well.
Me & my birthday girl!

Then we headed back to the house for the rest of the family and friends to come over and finish celebrating Miss Kennedy's 7th birthday. I made these cupcakes, that are supposed to look like popcorn & we served ice cream too.

She had a really great time & a great birthday. We are so blessed to have this bigger than life super diva as our daughter. We love you Kennedy, Happy 7th birthday!