Monday, March 31, 2008

Not such a good night

How rude! That is what I think of that stinking lab lady who bust in my door at 6AM to draw my blood for the gestational diabetes test. Seriously, why couldn't;t this of waited? She then in forms me I need to drink the funky orange drink, keep it down, then she would be back in 30 min to draw my blood. My response, "sure anything else I can do for you at 6am?" Not really, I did think that to myself. HA! After that ordeal my stomach just never seemed to get settled. I can;t imagine why. Tonight is mom's night to stay with me, when she got here she took me outside for my 30 minute wheelchair ride. Oh how I live for those 30mins. She took me to the side area (really the only place to go, since the hospital is under construction), I couldn't really see much, other than the side of the hospital, but it was a great view in my opinion. I couldn't believe how great the sunshine felt on me. Literally, a breath of fresh air. We went back inside and she went down and heated up dinner for us. My dad made me craw fish etoufee. YUMMY! I actually had it last night too. HA! We ate and enjoyed the food, but it wasn't too long before my stomach was very queasy, and to spare you the details, lets just saying I was running back and forth to the potty. The nurses started my nightly monitoring and you know it takes forever just to get all 4 babies on the machine, then you pray they all stay on so at least they can get 10min of monitoring. Well I hadn't been on the machine for 5 mins, when I told mom to get me unstrapped quick. I had no idea how hard it was to get 4 montor belts off at once, but she knew I wasn't feeling well, and she better hurry. I made it! Thank goodness! Then the nurse had to re-hook everything back up, thank goodness she was sweet and didn't mind. I know it is such a chore, much less have to do it twice in a row. I finished being monitored and they passed. YEAH! I got my nightly meds, oh how I love the Ambien! Then off to sleep we went, so I thought. WRONG! I was up all night running back and forth to the bathroom. Can I just mention how hard it is to get a quad belly & body out of the bed over and over again. I was so tired. My mom didn't get much sleep either. Hopefully, I will have a better day tomorrow.

Friday, March 28, 2008

We made 28 WEEKS

We made 28 wks. This is a huge milestone. Of course my goal is still the same of 32 wks, but I have also learned to take on day at a time. My sister stayed the night with me, and she loves me so much that she brought me La Madeline. Ashley, you are the best. THanks for everything. I have had family spending the night with me every night. One reason of course if that I am afraid of the dark, and the other is I am scared of having to be rushed in for a c-section and being by myself. So my family has been gracious enough to stay with me at night. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


who's belly bigger?????
Family visiting me on bedrest
Mom holding her grandbabies while they have their heartbeats checked

Sunday, March 23, 2008


So the day started out eating at Nonnie & Popo's and an easter egg hunt. After the confettii eggs we went home so Jeremy could go in to work. About 6Pm I noticed I was having contractions. I layed down and drank some water, but they never stopped coming. I called Jeremy and kept him updated, while Ashley and Tammie kept me company at the house. As they were trying not to fall asleep, seeing how they had to work the next day. Sorry guys. Mom continued to call to check in as well. THen I woke poor Christie, who also had to go to work the next day. And we all came to the conclusion that i needed to go in and just let them check me out. I haven’t dilated any and I am still having contractions but they have slowed down. My doctor said that if the contractions stop then I can go home but he also said that rarely happens. So I will be in the hospital until I delivers. Please pray for me and the babies! We are hoping I can keep them in until I am 30 weeks which is April 11th. Keep you posted:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

26 weeks and still on BED REST YUCK!

my appt went very well with the peri today,
Ella- 1lb 15oz
baby boy b 1lb 13oz
baby boy c - 1lb 14oz
baby boy d - 2 lb 1 oz
they are doing really well. My bp was fine and they said that I would at some point have to go into the hospital before the babies are born. Hopefully after the county fair, so i can at least see Haiden show. I go back on the 31st. I will know more next appt. as to when we are looking at taking the babies. And yes, I am still on bedrest, but I have found that word searches make some time go by.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Preggo with Quads and going to rodeo to see CLAY WALKER

So against what everyone said I should do, I went ahead and saw my man Clay Walker. The Floyd's, Us and my mom all went to see him at the rodeo. My husband was so sweet to push me around in a wheelchair so I could go. Thanks honey, your the best husband in the world.

Monday, March 3, 2008

24 week appt

I have had people request an update so here goes. All is perfect with the babies and me. We will get measurements next time we go 3/18/08. But they have plenty of fluid, heartbeats are good & good movements. With all that being said, he made me stop working, because everything is so good, and he doesn't want me to over do it. So I am here at home. I have made the first goal of 24wks, the babies are now considered viable, however, if born now they could have a number of handicaps. My next goal is 28 wks. Then 30. He says at that point we are home free, of course they may have to spend time in the NICU, but they will bem uch stronger at 30 wks, My personal goal that I have set for myself is 32 wks. But, of course it is all up to GOD.