Sunday, March 23, 2008


So the day started out eating at Nonnie & Popo's and an easter egg hunt. After the confettii eggs we went home so Jeremy could go in to work. About 6Pm I noticed I was having contractions. I layed down and drank some water, but they never stopped coming. I called Jeremy and kept him updated, while Ashley and Tammie kept me company at the house. As they were trying not to fall asleep, seeing how they had to work the next day. Sorry guys. Mom continued to call to check in as well. THen I woke poor Christie, who also had to go to work the next day. And we all came to the conclusion that i needed to go in and just let them check me out. I haven’t dilated any and I am still having contractions but they have slowed down. My doctor said that if the contractions stop then I can go home but he also said that rarely happens. So I will be in the hospital until I delivers. Please pray for me and the babies! We are hoping I can keep them in until I am 30 weeks which is April 11th. Keep you posted:)

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