Saturday, July 17, 2010

TRYING something NEW

Since we have turned 2, we have had some SERIOUS temper tantrums to say the least! I decided I could let this or them get the best of me or I could try out some new things for them to do. Today was one of those TEMPER TANTRUM days, I took old wrapping paper flipped it over & taped it down to the kitchen table. Took a deep breath and pulled out the PLAYDOH!!!!! I know Haiden & Kennedy have always loved playdoh and as a former kindergarten teacher, I know it is great for developing those fine motor skills as well. My only worry with the quads was if they were too young still and were going to eat it instead of play with it. Much to my surprise they LOVED it, and so did Haiden, Kennedy & MOMMA! Cole did try to eat it, but one taste of it and the look on his face, he quickly realized playing with it was a MUCH BETTER IDEA~HA! They had a great time, they still aren't quite sure how to really "play" with it, but they did give it their best shot! Unfortunatly, the pictures aren't that great of quality because they were taken with my camera phone.

They loved this monkey, it did all kinds of neat stuff with PLAYDOH!