Monday, October 29, 2007

First Ultrasound

My appt was for 3:15 pm. Me, Jeremy and my mom went to the ultrasound. Prior to the appt. I was really experiencing morning sickness pretty bad, and my boobs hurt so bad I began to wonder if both follicles had fertilized. Boy, was I fixing to get the shock of a lifetime. My mom also kept saying I think you are pregnant with more than just one, she then says "Hey Jer what if it is triplets" His reply" One would be good, two would be great, but three will scare me." So a few minutes later the tech walks in and she starts the ultrasound. She begins looking at the paperwork over and over, then back to the screen and she continues this a couple of times. MY mom gets worried and looks up at the screen, and quietly mouths to me "there are three black circles". She then gets up and stands beside me, I then ask the tech" what's wrong, you can't find the heartbeat can you?" She replys " is this your first ultrasound?" I said "yes". THen she says" I can find heartbeat(S) alright, heartbeat(S) I say, now mind you Jeremy is still sitting in the chair not moving or talking. SHe tells me that we are having triplets and they all have heartbeats. By now Jeremy is up and standing by me just patting my arm saying we are going to be alright. I wondering there for a moment who he was really trying to convince. Me or Him? Then my mom says I think I see one more, the tech tells her no, it is just an ovary. Nurse mom says can you just check and sure enough she moves over in that direction and she says" OH MY YOU ARE HAVING QUADS!!!!" We were very nervous.
Next, we went in to talk with the dr. he told us we would have to go to a high risk dr. and told us some of the risks, he also told us that Baby C was small, and for us not to expect it to make it. We would need to come in for another ultrasound in two weeks. To see if all four were progressing forward.
We were nervous but very excited.
We came back to TC to tell Jeremy's family and my family.
We gave the ultrasound pics to his parents and sister and boy were they shocked, happy, but shocked. Let's see Heather's (Auntie's) exact words were shut the @#%* up. Heather speechless, no way! Well this time she was, everyone congratulated us. We then told the kids, Kennedy said "that's a lot of babies you know" Haiden was a little more quiet, he then leaned into me and said "Mommy I am happy"
Dad, Donna, and Ashley were left a little speechless as well. Christie laughed continuosly from shock, and Tammie (Mimi) she had to go poo poo, to much for her tummy to handle. All in all everyone was happy for us and wished us well.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am pregnant

I was set up to come in on the 11th of October, to have a blood pregnancy test done. Well if you know me, you know I could not wait until then to find out. So I bought a pregnancy test to take at home. On Sunday, October the 8th I took it, well it was really faint, so I thought for sure it was left over hormone in my system. I thought well I'll take another one tomorrow morning, I did and it turned positive before I was done using the restroom. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited but wanted to call the nurse to make sure the hormone was out of my system and this was not a false positive. I called that morning, and she told me it was probably out of my system and that I was probably indeed pregnant. She had me come in and get my blood drawn to be sure. I got the call we had been waiting for I was PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My HCG was 29. She told me I would need to do another one on the 10th to make sure the number doubled. I got my results back from that test and it more than doubled. So we were having a baby. My first ultrasound was scheduled for October 29th.