Friday, October 9, 2009

Box Races ANYONE?

Cole: "what did you say box races?"

So when all else fails give em boxes, buckets or socks!

This is one of our new found favorites! They love bowls, buckets & spoons!

Cole is one of our thumb suckers! Normally he holds his blanket, but he was sleepy & decided his Daddy's CLEAN sock would do the trick! A little update on Cole, he is not only full blown walking, he is running & CLIMBING!!!!!

The quads got Nana & Nonnie to push them around in these diaper & wipe boxes!
They had the best time doing this. We laughed, they laughed it was just good fun all the around!
Who could leave out this picture of Ella getting kisses from her Dada! Poor baby she is such a snaggle tooth! But the cutest snaggle tooth ever!

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