Thursday, September 10, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

It seems as though I was nominated by Sandra for the Honest Scrap Award! "What does that mean," you ask?! The idea is to share 10 honest things about yourself that your blog readers may not already know about you, and then pass the award on by nominating 7 other blogs that you find "brilliant in content or design". Sounds easy enough, right? Here We Go…….

1) I love to cook & bake!!!
(2) I am absolutely deathly afraid of the DARK!!!!
(3) I am way too ADD to sit and get fake nails on, even though I love them & how good they look. Although, I did get them done for my sister's wedding this weekend!
(4) I love to get massages & have my back scratched!
(5) The thought of having to watch a scary movie makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!
(6) I am absolutely in love with CLAY WALKER (so much that I went to see him in a wheelchair 24 wks pregnant with QUADS)
(7) Seeing my husband with a ball cap turned around backwards still makes me weak in the knees!!! Yes, even after 15 yrs of being together!
(8)Eating sweets for breakfast is the bestest thing EVER!!!!
(9)The more bling I can put on, the better!!! I love RHINESTONES!!! So much so that I just started my own business! Southern Chic Boutique~selling rhinestone apparel!
(10)I am always worried if I have hurt someones feelings or if they are mad at me! Although, I have gotten so much better I am still a worrier!

TIME TO PASS IT ON...............................
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Mari from Goerlich Quadruplets
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