Monday, July 28, 2008

Let FREEDOM ring

After much debate and a out of the blue phone call. Jeremy and I purchased a new stroller for the quads. Technically it was for me. It lets me get out with all four babies by myself. Thats right I no longer have to wait for someone to come over and go with me. I had read where a quad mom had purchased this, and she loved it. So I emailed her to get the pros and cons. After all of her great info, we decided to go ahead and make the purchase. Lucky for us someone sold it to us second hand so it didn't cost us near as much as it could have. Yes, we are still in search of the runabout for the quads, but we are holding out in hopes that someone will be selling one, and we can get that second hand as well.

I took the babies out for a quick walk around the block so you have to forgive me and my fine Texas heat hair do, but I was just so happy to get out. And yes the babies love it. Thank goodness. We did have to put a head rest for Ella and Cole to use since the front seats don't recline as far back as the back seats do.

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Sweety Cassidy said...

I prefer your stroller compared to runabout.
Runabout is ugly, umconfortable for the kids, you can't extend the seats..
but your stroller is not practical on small sidewalks. the ideal would be for the triple stroller peg perego exists for 4 seat