Wednesday, January 14, 2009


First, let me start off by saying, I can't not believe in less than 3 months the quads will be 1!!!!! That is where you come in. I need ideas for their birthday party. There birthday is April 2, so is kind of starting to be spring time. Also I am super cheesy, so I really want to do something really cute. Even if I have to make stuff to match, so it will be personalized with their names. Just post a comment with your ideas. If you don't have a blog, you can still leave a comment. Just click on comment, and follow the steps. I really am excited to see what you all come up with. I also want to get a jump start on this.

Now for baby info, because I know that is what you are really wanting. We had their 9 mos check up. Yes, you heard me right 9 mos old already. Everyone was doing well. There was little concern for Casen. We have noticed that his legs and arms are turning blue, but the dr. thinks it is more a positional thing. (being in one position too long) But he is going to send him to a cardiologist, just to be on the safe side, so please add an extra pray in there for him. Cole didn't gain very much weight, so we will watch that as well. Ella & Cooper were doing great. Cole & Casen have been taken off the Prevacid for reflux, and have done fine. Ella & Cooper aren't quite ready yet. All though on New Year's Eve, we rang it in with ear infections, everyone except Cooper that is. So they were put on an antibiotic for that, and thankfully it's all cleared up. Now however, I am up to my elbows in poop, yes poop. ALL of the BOYS have diarrhea. We aren't sure if it is a virus, or from the antibiotic, but oh I am praying it will stop. I feel so sorry for the them. They just lay around lifeless. I am so thankful for footed pj's, because that is what is keeping it all in. I have changed more diapers, clothes, sheets, and bathed more babies in this last 5 days, than I have since they were born. Ok, maybe not that many, but it sures seems like it. I have no idea how Ella hasn't gotten it. Dr. Binder says since she is the only girl, she must be tougher than her brothers. I just continue to pray she doesn't get it.
Cole is army crawling like a mad man. He is still the only one with teeth, two to be exact. He is still very laid back, and always smiling. He makes the funniest faces. Kind of like an old man without any teeth. I know he only has 2 teeth, but still it is so funny. He is saying "Dada"
Ella is also army crawling. She can however sit up unassisted. She is trying so hard to get up in a sitting position by herself, but she just hasn't quite figured it out yet. She is trying also to pull up to her knees. She continues to stick out her tongue, so of course we are still calling her lizard. She just smiles. Ella too is saying "Dada", she has also learned to wave bye bye.
Cooper is half army crawling, and half crawling correctly. He is now pulling up to his knees on things. He is saying "Dada", I am sure you are starting to see a trend here with the 'Dada' word. Cooper too can sit unassisted. He is just a fingertip away from getting into a sitting position by himself.
And then there's Casen. O Casen, where do I begin? He is crawling, pulling up and standing, and now trying to walk around stuff while holding on. Like the couch is one of his favorite things to pull up on, and walk down it. He isn't going very far yet, but I am sure that is only a matter of time. He sits unassisted, and can get into a sitting position by himself. He is also able to drink from a sippy cup. He says "Dada", but this morning, and I do have witnesses, he said "mama"! He is such a mama's boy. He can also wave bye bye. He is very high maintenance, he seems to think he is an only child. Poor kid when he finally realizes he is not the only child, and that he has 5 other sibilings:)
Ok get out your creative ideas for a party, and send them our way. Can't wait to see what you all come up with.


jag said...

Oh man! You do have some cuties! Of course, you can link to our blog. I'll be following you guys too! Thanks for visiting our blog! Take care girl!

Cochran Quads said...

They are precious!! I found you from Jag's blog and I'm going to link you to mine if that's okay. Love the baby's names as well!!

Surviving Triplets said...

Girl, I'll be stalking your comments! I can't believe we are approaching a year!


Megan Jannise said...

I found your blog from Astrid's, and saw you were in the Houston area. Totally random question- Do you see Dr. Binder at UTMB? We were in their this week asking out our son's hands and feet turning blue and he said he had just dealt with a quad who was having the same issues. We saw the cardio, and everything is OK. I hope the same comes out for your boy. It would be neat to know if you are close- email me at


Amy Cameron said...

Man, you got your hands full! Having a party for these cuties will be so much fun. What came into my mind first, is to have it as Snow White and the 7Dwarves theme. You can be Snow white , your husband as the Prince, then the cuties would be the dwarves and then you could invite other kids to complete the entourage of dwarves.;-)
Amy Cameron