Monday, February 23, 2009

All About COLE

I am so behind on posting about each of the babies. I had really good intentions and then Haiden got sick, so blogging had to take a back seat. I am up and ready to blog.

Cole Austin Perez, he was always the calm laid back baby. Every time they would ultrasound me, he would just being laying flat on his back or on his tummy. He was baby B, so he was between Ella (his partner in crime) and Cooper. He too would let them measure him at all the ultrasounds, He just went with the flow of things. Cole was also one of the babies that kind of flew threw the NICU stay. When he was born he initially had more trouble breathing, so they intibated him and gave him the surfactant right away. He was the last of the babies they brought for me to see in the recovery room, because of his breathing issues. However, once he received the surfactant, he was able to come off the ventilator and be put on CPAP. This all happened before I had even got to see him. When they rolled him up to my bed, I remember seeing this dark purple line on his stomach, they said that he probably bumped an instrument when they were pulling him out of my stomach, since it turned into an emergency c-section.
He was the first of the baby I got to hold. I will never forget that moment, I just looked at him, and tears just started pouring down my face. He weighed 2lbs 7oz & 14in long. So when they handed him to me, it was like holding a wrapped up blanket with nothing inside, but inside was the sweetest & hairiest baby. He had black hair all over his body, and jet black hair, which is still jet black. He is the only one of the six kids that their hair stayed black. I remember when the NICU nurses made him a name sign, they put a turtle on it. Well we quickly found out that was the wrong animal to pick for him. He was more like superman, and that is what everyone called him. He was always trying to get out of his snugly, he would put himself, in what looked like the most uncomfortable positions. However, if you tried to reposition him, his stats would drop. What a stinker. The funny thing is he stills sleeps like that. The only added thing he does now when he sleeps is, suck his thumb! He had one of our favorite nurses Amy and Kay. They would always call him a flirt, because every 3 hrs like clock work, he knew when it was time to eat. So he would be wide eyed just waiting on someone to come and tend to him. If they didn't get there in what he thought was a fast enough time, then he would drop his stats and make his alarms sound. He always knew how to get the ladies attention. He was the second in line to get his CPAP off and put on nasal cannula. Just before he was to go up to level II NICU to join his sister, we experienced one of the most scariest events. They had just gotten through with all of their ROP exams. This sometimes can stress them out. Well our nurse for the day Patty was taking care of Cooper because he kept pulling off his CPAP. I was standing between Cole & Cooper's isolettes. I kept thinking I could hear one of their alarms going off, but nothing seemed to be sounding, when all of sudden I hear it again. I look over to Cole's machine, and his O2 and heart rate were dropping fast. I went over to rub his back to try to remind him to breathe, but had no luck. In the mean time Patty was still trying to take care of Cooper who was still having trouble himself. Patty asked me to flip him over, maybe that would be enough stimulation. When I flipped him over, not only was he not responding to touch, he was dark blue almost black! Patty made due with Cooper and turned Cole's nasal cannula all the way to 100%, but he still was in trouble, so she yelled for respiratory, and no one heard her, so I went into the middle walk area, and screamed for respiratory. Beverly, came running to Cole's bedside and had to bag him, thankfully she got him back. She is Cole's guardian angel. I was standing there watching this whole thing take place, and realizing I couldn't do anything to save him. I felt so helpless as a mother. After all the commotion, he settled down, and never had another one of those episodes. We all told Cole he didn't look good in blue, so he wouldn't be aloud to wear that color again. Yes, he is dressed in blue sometimes.
He was the first one to out grow preemie diapers. He did have SEVERE reflux, so they had him on Prevacid & Bethanchol. These two meds would help his reflux, because when he would starting refluxing he would drop his stats. He was one of my projectile pukers. He too did very well nursing, he took to it with no problem. He was also sent home on the apnea monitor and oxygen with feeds.
The day he and Ella were to come home, we were dressing them and getting ready to leave. Melissa our primary nurse, had us all loaded up, we had just said our goodbyes to Cooper & Casen, and the NICU people, when right in front of the elevator, his monitor started going off. Melissa looked at both of us, and said"now is your chance to prove you can work it" Great, we started scrambling, because this machine sounds like a whistle going off. Needless to say, I turned it off, because I was panicking. He seemed to do this every time we were at the Dr as well. He had a couple of blue spells, thankfully just needed a little rub and he was fine. Once he got home, poor Cole had such a hard time with this reflux, he was violently puking, he would get choked, and start turning blue. It was so scary, thankfully Christie had the tucker sling that she had used with her daughter. We put him in that, and he did so much better. It propped him up, to where he was basically sleeping sitting up. He finally got better so we were able to put him in his bed, propped up, but in his bed a couple of weeks later. He was always so laid back, didn't care if he was the last to eat, burp, get changed, what ever he waited. Well..............he has changed his mind on being laid back, he gets very upset, and kicks his legs, and yells, when has to wait. He really is going to work on this considering he has 5 other siblings. HA! He is still a cutie. He has so much personality!
We call him Colie Olie, his Auntie Heather started that, and she swears he's not her favorite. It's OK, we all know better! HA! He talks the most. He says Dada, Bye-Bye, Bubba & HEY! His bed is next to Ella so he slaps at her bed when he can't sleep, or is already awake to get her up to talk with him. It is so funny to hear them over the monitor. He always manages to steal her blanket from her. He has learned to pull up in his bed and slap the walls, making sure everyone knows he is awake. He has now taught the other 4 this trick. Thanks Cole:) He still has low muscle tone in his abdomen, which he receives ECI (physical therapy) for, they said it is one of those preemie things. He is doing so well. He wasn't sitting up, or even really trying to crawl when he started receiving ECI, which was in December. He is now crawling, sitting up by himself, pulling up to stand, and getting out of a standing position. His PT said that he will probably not qualify at his 6 mos re-evaluation. Of course the services are available to them until the age of 3 (if needed later). He is just a very cautious baby, so he is not necessarily slower, just wants to make sure he can before he does it. He weighs the same as Casen, but looks bigger. He was always the biggest baby, but not anymore. Cooper took that over.

Dear Cole Austin,
From the moment I saw you on the ultrasound screen I loved you. You are such a sweet, and very vocal baby. I love looking at you, and you smile the biggest smile. Your big brown eyes melt my heart. I love how you look at Haiden and just smile. You are such a little character. I will never forget the day I thought we were going to lose you, it is indescribable as a mother to describe what that really felt like. I am so grateful God's plan were for you to be with us, and allow your daddy & I to raise you. I can't wait to see what you will grow up to be. Your daddy & I will always be here for you. We will guide you and love you no matter what life brings you. I hope for you a wonderful full-filled life. You have a great Daddy & big brother that are wonderful role models for you. I love you, Cole Austin.
Love, Mommy

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Anonymous said...

Awww my Colie Olie! He is such a sweet boy :) He is not spoiled at all...ha ha! I love how he makes noises to get your attention when he is trying to talk to you like he is big or something :) I love ALL my nieces and nephew but that Colie Olie is the MAN!!

By the way I forgot my username and password and that's why this is anonymous!