Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've been featured!

I am so excited! Multiples and More Blog featured our blog today on their blog. I am super excited for many different reasons. One, their blog is wonderful. It has lots of information for families of multiples or soon-to-be parents of multiples. They have TONS of giveaways, and honestly who doesn't like that? Plus, the interview experts, and it's a blog to find other families with multiples & their blogs.
I can remember first finding out we were having QUADS, and thinking "I don't know anyone with quads". Well, after some Internet googling I found several blogs that were families with quads. I was so relieved to have another resource to turn to with ALL my questions. I have continued to keep in touch with these ladies, and I have even met some new ones along the way. All through the blogging world. Granted some people I have met were at the hospital, my local multiples group, or just word of mouth, but mainly through blogging. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found Multiples and More blog. They asked for people that wanted to be featured to send an email. That is exactly what I did, and with in no time they got back with me, and later sent interview questions for me to answer. It is a wonderful thing when you find other families with multiples that totally GET & UNDERSTAND where you are, where your coming from and where your going. It is a great resource to have. I strongly urge families with or going to have multiples to find others in the same boat, it can be a lifesaver or sanity saver depending on the day. HA! I can't tell you one person with multiples that I know, that is not willing to help you. It may through an email, phone call, meeting up with them, or even passing along items for multiples that are lifesavers. I can't imaging not having my friends of multiples to lean on & have as a resource. So go check out their blog, Multiples and More, and read the post about Perez Party of 8! They did a wonderful job!

OF course I wouldn't do a post without a few pictures of the kiddos! Now how fair would that be? This is their new toy, as you can see from the pics, some love it and some don't that seems to be the thing around here lately!


Queen Mama said...

Congrats on being listed. I have twins and one older one. How in the world did you do it? Whatever way, you are doing an awesome job!

Helene said...

Hi Brandy,

Dropping by from MoM's after reading your interview! You have a beautiful family! I can only imagine the shock you must have felt finding out you were pregnant with quads! I have 2 sets of twins so we were pretty shocked the 2nd time around!

I love your daily motto....I take things hour by hour sometimes!!!

Misty said...

Congrats on being featured! I'm going to got read it now!

Jen said...

Just stopped over from your feature at Multiples and more. Awesome post and great blog.