Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Party at Mothers Day Out

The quads had their Christmas party at Mothers Day out. They really enjoyed it, they did a book exchange and LOVED the books they got. They love to be read to and "read" to each other.

 Miss Ella posing/hamming it up for the camera. I love this picture of Miss Priss.
 Notice COoper & Casen with their hands on their hips like Ella. I am not sure Cole was completely awake yet! HA!
 Ella wouldn't sit with her brothers while they ate. She was so sleepy at the party because they cut naptime short due to the party.
 Mr. Casen being a ham!
 Ella and Mrs. Courtney, one of her teachers.
 Ella opening her Mickey Mouse book.
 Cole smiling after opening up his book.
 Mommy with the crew, Ella did come over to the boys table to pose for a quick picture.
 All the kiddos opening up their new books.
Cooper with his new book. They absolutely LOVE to go to school and are very sad on days they don't have school. I am so grateful they all love school and love their teachers. They have learned so much this year from school as well.


WildToddlerTwins said...

You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger award!!

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