Thursday, October 23, 2008

Better Late......Than Never!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been so bad about updating the blog. But I have an excuse, between construction in my living room and kitchen, and the babies being awake more, I just haven't got around to it. Forgive Please.
I know you want updates on the babies, at their 6mos check up, Dr. Binder said everyone was looking good. Cole is being lazy, so they are going to get him evaluated and see if he needs any physical therapy. From what I am told, it is one of those preemie things. Ella, Casen and Cole are all up on their hands and knees rocking back and forth. Casen on the other hand has moved a little, but No official crawling yet. Cooper is such a chunk, he is having a hard time figuring out how to get his belly off the ground. Everyone is rolling over from belly to back. They are really loving the exersaucers. We have started baby food. They are doing great with it, that is until you put plastic bibs on them, then all they want to do is eat the bib. So it is back to cotton bibs, even if they get all stained up. We are using a lot of shout around here to say the least. We have been through all of the veggies, and this weekend will start fruits. We will see how that goes. I have to say the funniest thing when Casen is eating, he wants to lick the spoon like a puppy likes water from a bowl. We laugh so hard at him, then he starts laughing. Everyone is cooing up a storm. Ella has even learned to blow raspberries. There is nothing better than having baby food blown in your face, while feeding babies. I have decided that maybe i should event a baby food make up line.
Anyway, the biggest problem we are having is that Casen & Cooper are rolling over on their backs at night and waking themselves up. The only way they go back to sleep is to be flipped back over. So I am all open to any suggestions anyone has on how to stop them from rolling over and waking themselves up in the middle of the night. Even worse is they are starting to do it at nap time too.
RSV LOCKDOWN- isn't going as bad as I thought it would be. Since they are still small and take 2 naps a day, it isn't so bad. We are getting ready for Halloween. I have all of their costumes put together and ready. I will post pics of them soon. They are going to be soooo stinking cute. We are trying to get to the pumpkin patch before it is to late, but just haven't made it there yet.
We had pictures made of the babies, that was an adventure in itself. First of all the scheduled appt. ended up running 2 hrs behind, so I had 4 fussy babies on board. Not very fun. The people there had NO IDEA what to do with quads, so the pics were not so great. I got two of the same pose but different outfits. Let's not forget to mention Casen fell off the table, thank goodness we had 1 adult per baby there and he was caught in mid air. That is when I decided I was done and we left. NO going back there, especially since I called 2wks in advance and told them I had 6mo old QUADS!!!! I guess they didn't get the message. So we are going to try again at a different place. Wish us luck.
Here are the weight & height updates:
Ella 13lbs 13oz 23in long
Cole 14lbs 1oz 241/4 in long
Cooper 15lbs 3oz 24in long
Casen 13lbs 7oz 24in long


Rick and Jenn Payne said...

Love the babies' pics! I've always been too scared to take the kiddos somewhere for pics so I just have someone come to house. Maybe you can try that next time. Around here, there are a lot of people that are willing to come out. Keep up the good work and hang in there with that remodeling job...YUCK! Love, jenn - momma of the herd

The Carlsons said...

excellent weights! and very cute pictures!

we, too, have some babies that love to blow raspberries while eating. there have been many a time that i get baby food on my arms and in my eye - ha!

sorry i don't have any advice on getting your babies to not roll over and wake themselves up :( ours usually roll over (back to tummy) before they snooze away.

look forward to seeing their halloween costumes! their 1st halloween - yay!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy