Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day to NEVER forget - Quads Baptism

We have been trying to get the babies baptized now for about 2 mos. You may be wondering why it could take so long to plan this type of event. Well lets just say that their were so many people that wanted and needed to be there that are shift workers, and did I mention not on the same shift. So that was a major problem, plus we had family coming from out of town. Well after some planning, a hurricane, godparents to pick and stress of their outfits (that's a whole another story, will get to that in a minute) we had a date and time. I am all about tradition, so with that being said, I wanted the babies to wear outfits that had been used at other baptisms. Ella wore her Auntie's dress, that her big sister had also worn. Cole wore his Uncle Brian's outfit. Cooper wore his cousin Gavin's outfit, shoes and socks were his big brothers. Casen wore his Daddy's outfit, that his big brother also used. Our next problem is everyone had a hat to wear except Coop, so we borrowed cousin Ernie's. Ella borrowed Kylee's hair bow instead wearing a hat. Now that we finally had outfits all figured out, we had to plan the luncheon that would follow the baptism. We had thought about going out to eat, but we are right in the heart of RSV season, and that would have made the babies miss another nap. So we decided on a luncheon at our house. It was perfect, we had great food, and a beautiful cake that was a cross, with 3 blue flowers and a pink flower.
Now, for the baptism. We got up at 6am to feed the babies as normal, put them down for the am nap and finished getting everything ready for the luncheon. We got the babies dressed, the funny part was that none of the boys shoes fit, so we had to stuff their shoes with tissues paper. We could not stop laughing. Oh, yeah right as we were walking out the door Ella filled her diaper, so we had to go back and change her. Then it was off to the church.
We get all seated at church and Cooper decided it was his turn to fill his diaper. So Daddy gets up and has to go change him. Now lets not forget to mention that the service was right in the middle of feeding time, so we covered the babies in blankets, and the person feeding them in a blanket, just in case someone decided to hurl everywhere, but thankfully Ella waited until after she was baptized to puke. We also laughed, because everyone that was sitting behind the babies, said all you could hear was this continous patting sound, while the babies were being burped.
The service was beautiful, the babies did such a great job, and where great at church. Cole was the only one that started to cry when they were pouring the water on his head. It could not have gone more perfect. The babies even ended up napping a little, except Cooper.
Jeremy and I really want to express our gratitude to the godparents and our family. The baptism would not have been possible without the love, support, and willingness of everyone.
Ella's godparents are Tammie and Matt. Cole's godparents are Kenny and Christie. Cooper's godparents are Auntie Ashley and Ernie. And last but not least Casen's godparents are Yvonne and Ernie. This day just reminds us of how blessed we are, and we continue to thank God.


Annie said...

The baptism is a blessing. Everything sounds perfect for that day. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the day. Beautiful cake.


JP said...

Babe, I think you are doing a great job with the blog, keep it up. All the pictures look great. See you tonight.



Cheryl said...

Your little ones are so cute! After seeing your birth pics and the baptism pics they have sure come a long way!!! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I am a mom to four year old quads! PLEASE let me know if I can help you in ANY way! E-mail me ANyTIme!
Congratulations! Your kids are adorable!
Hugs! Lisa

The Carlsons said...

what a special day! praise God for your four handsome and beautiful babies!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Jenny said...

beautiful pictures!! sounds like it was a good day!:)I remember the day we dedicated ours at church! it was awesome but i was so stressed hoping everything would go well i didn't take it all in!

btw "Lisa" When did you become "Megan" just thinking along with others that you are not real!

Charity Donovan said...

Your family is beautiful! Your b&w photos are amazing! I'm a mom of BBBG quads & I just wanted to say "Hello!"