Monday, May 11, 2009

Somebody got CUT

Their haircut that is! Cole and Casen were way over due for haircuts. Thanks to Mrs. Kim she came over and cut their hair for us. Also a big thank you to Auntie Ashley & Auntie Heather for holding the boys so I could get pictures of their 1st haircut. They did so good. Casen was very quiet & still, if you can believe that. I think it was because he was not sure what was going on. It will be interesting to see how they do the older they get. Cole on the other hand was good, but we had to give him goldfish to keep him entertained. I am sure you are wondering why Cooper & Ella didn't get their haircut. Well Ella being a girl, we are letting her hair grow. Cooper had so many IV's in his head in the NICU causing them to have to shave his head in several spots, so He is just now getting a full head of hair.

On another note, the kids have turned 13 mos old. They are all standing independently. OH MY! Cooper and Casen have taken a few steps. Ella and Cole are a little more cautious. They are saying new things all the time. Cole's new word is uh-o! Ella & Casen have learned to hit their mouth to make noises, like ah, ah, ah you get what I'm saying. HA! Cooper is still being a little ham, he loves the camera & to dance. Cole has started a new thing where he lays down in the floor to let you know he is pitching a fit, but making sure he keeps looking up to make sure someone sees him doing this. Then when you pick him up, he just smiles with this wrinkled up old face. Too CUTE!

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MommaCeleste said...

Hey Brandy! Such fun and cute photos!! Call me soon... hope to see you at the meeting next week.