Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July weekend/first road trip PART-1

Yes, you have read that correctly. I am gonna have to post this in three parts due to all the "excitement" that went into our 4th of July weekend and 1st road trip. I took lots of advice from my fellow quad moms on taking a road trip. I got to packing first because clearly that was going to be the biggest challenge of this whole adventure "I thought" (more on that later) I put all 6 kids outfits & pj's in a big ziploc for each day. I did the same with their swimming attire.
Then I put 4 booster seats , 4 pool floats, diaper bag for road, toys, snacks, movies, GATES, runabout stroller all in the garage to load up the next morning. Thankfully my mom had gotten 4 pack n plays for us, so we didn't have to worry about packing that. We got up Friday at 6am, Jeremy loaded the Expedition with all "the STUFF".

I was busy changing babies and feeding them breakfast so we wouldn't have to stop and feed them that meal on the road. That is a note to self good idea. Last we loaded the kids and finally ourselves!

It started off a great ride, the babies fell asleep and slept for a couple of hours, except for ......yep, Casen. He wasn't about to miss a thing. HA! But he was so good, he never fussed at all, not even after his poop mess.
However, Haiden (who has HORRIBLE migraines) started complaining of a headache, so we gave him his medicine and hoped he would be able to sleep his headache off. WRONG!!!! That will be in post #2.
We did make 3 stops along the road: one to change Ella's poop diaper, then Cooper's poop diaper, and last to change Casen's poop diaper and clothes. Yes, ladies & gentlemen he POOPED all over himself and his car seat. You can just imagine the stink that came from that mess.HA!

However after 5 1/2 hrs on the road we made it to Mamaw's & Papaw's house. We got unloaded and were ever so glad to be out of the car.
We went straight in to "baby proof" the house with the gates. Unfortunately, my poor Haiden was not getting any better from his migraine, so he went to lay down and Jeremy and I just plopped ourselves down. Funny you would think after being in the car for 5 1/2 hrs, sitting would be the last thing we would want to do, but we were ready to just PLOP!
I have to say all in all the road trip wasn't bad at ALL!
Stay tuned for the 4th of July post, which will be part 2~

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