Sunday, June 8, 2008

Honey I'm Home Too

Finally after a week, we are going to all be a family. We will be known as "Perez Party of 8" Dr. Al called us this morning at 8am to tell us to come get Cooper and Casen. I never thought this would ever happen. So we headed up to Women's Hospital and brought them home to join the rest of the family.

Here are pics of their homecoming!

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gonul said...

Hi thats is so funy when i was reading your babies Nicu story i realised my twins and your baies are neihgbor at nicu.
I had my twins june 4 2008.They are in one room together.Nurse told me there is quads babys but 2 of them already gone to home.And i think that babies are your babys.What a small world.
( sory about my english i from turkey still lerning