Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Honey, I'm Home!!!!!!!

I never thought I would hear these words said to me in the NICU, but we got to the hospital today, and Melissa the babies primary nurse was filling out all of this paperwork. And of course after having so many setbacks, I was afraid to ask if it was discharge papers. Sometime later Dr. Al came up and said you can take Ella and COle home today. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no going home outfits, and mom, Ashley, Nana, Chelsea and Heather were all scheduled for CPR today, so we decided that I would stay at the hospital and everyone would come up and bring me the outfits and camera. So that was our plan, and it worked out just fine. We fed both of the babies and got them dressed to break out of the NICU. After signing paperwork and checking ID's (uh hello we have only been in the NICu everyday for 2 mos, and you are checking to see if I am the parent) We were loaded up and heading out. Just as I was fixing to turn and go out the door, I look over to my right and there sits Casen and Cooper. How can you be so happy to take two home, and yet be so overcome with sadness to leave two behind. I think this was harder to me than the first few days in the NICU. We said our good-byes to the NICU with COle and Ella, and told the boys we would be back to see them tomorrow. Off we went.

The first night was not too bad they were not wanting to wake every 3 hrs like they were at the hospital, so we let them sleep 4, but that was it. I can't tell you how good it feels to finally have babies at home, I will be so glad when the other two come home. Hopefully, not too much longer.

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Sweety Cassidy said...

they are very cute, I like the 1st pict where cole want eat his sister !!