Sunday, June 1, 2008

2 months old


Wow how time flies!!!! I can't believe that it has already been 2 mos since the babies were born. Now the real fun is fixing to begin. Ella has passed her car seat test today, she failed it yesterday. So, they said as long as her blood work and no A's & B's she can come home tomorrow on the 2nd. Cole is waiting to do his car seat test, so we will be taking his carseat in tomorrow, and if he passes then he will be on his way home as well. Coooper came out of his isolette yestrday and is having his sleep study done tonight. Casen had his done on Friday and we are waiting for his results. THey also think that Casen has a hernia, so they are going to have a surgeon come in and take a look at it. If he does have one they will wait until he is 3mos old to do surgery. So we need to have Cole, Cooper and Casen do carseat tests and no A's and B's to be able to come home. Oh yeah, for all of you who bought us diapers I really want to thank you, because I have been told by the nurses that my children are serious poopers. I got to see that for myself here lately.
weight updates:
Ella 5lbs 2oz
Cole 6lbs 2oz
Cooper 5lbs 2loz
Casen 5lbs 7oz
Next update will hopefully be pics of us bringing babies home:)

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Sweety Cassidy said...

They are now 3 mth, are they all at home ? what the news for the hernia ?
we wait news !!