Monday, May 26, 2008

Everybody is taking all feeds by bottle

You read it right, everyone is on all feeds by bottle. Casen is still having a little trouble finishing all of his, but other than that they are all doing well. THey called us yesterday and told us to bring Ella's carseat up, she is doing her carseat test tonight. While we were there today, she had her hearing test and passed. YOu go girl;) Just think only three more sleep studies, three more hearing test and three more car seat tests. Ella had her sleep study done last night and we hope to have the results back tomorrow or Wednesday.
When we got to the NICU this morning all the boys were dressed alike it was so cute. Cooper was wide awake and stayed that way the whole time we were there. I got to tandum feed Ella and COle today, they did really well. I am getting so excited they are starting to leave the hospital. I am so dreading tomorrow. I have to go back to work for the last week of school. I am ready to see me co workers and students, but it going to be so hard knowing I can't leave to go see the babies. Only 4 days I can do it. Just think when the work week ends, we will have a baby coming home and the rest following.

Here is a pic of Ella and Cooper

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