Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello Level II

Yep, thats's right we are all together in level II. We got to the hospital today, and they told us that Cooper and Casen would be going to level II at anytime. I have to say hearing that I kind of had this sad feeling come over me, not that I was not happy that we are one step closer to going home, but level III is all we had known. THis was where the babies started out, this was where all the ups and downs took place, and we had gotten so attached to our nurses there. So, about 10 am they came to take Casen first, we followed him upstairs, got him settled in then it was back to get COoper. THey got him upstairs and moved him right next to Casen, but within 5 mintues both boys started dropping their O2 levels. This move stressed them out as well. Finally, after about 30 min or so they calmed down and got settled in. Next, I hear Ella and Cole's nurse saying Ella needs to be fed, then Cooper's nurse says he needs to be fed, no more had she said that I hear when are you feeding COle and Casen will be ready to eat in 2o minutes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat?????????? I think for the first time in 7 wks Jeremy and I realized we had four babies. When all the nurses were saying this to us, Jeremy and I just looked at each other and began cracking up laughing, and decided laughing is just what we are going to do lots of. Otherwise, the only other option is crying, but that won't be good for anyone. So LAUGHING it is. As we were standing there laughing, I hear Dr. Caplan say "Hey Mrs. Perez you have quads" as he too was laughing. I know it will be crazy trying to figure it all out, but we are so ready to have them home and all be one big family together. Oh and before I forget, we did get everyone fed, with the exception of the nurse feeding Casen, and we would have fed him but she said she would do it. THanks Carol (Casen's nurse)

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