Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 down 1 to go

Ella, COle, and Casen are all now off their oxygen. THey have it available if they need when they eat otherwise we are O2 free!!!!!!!!!! Cooper is moving pretty quickly to catch up with them. He is on 1/2 a liter and 25% O2. It is really getting real that we are so close to bringing home our babies. We also found out today that Cooper and Casen have been moved to level II. The only problem is that there is no space next to Ella and Cole, so we are waiting for some babies to go home. Soon everyone will be together again. I got to nurse Cooper and Casen today. They did really well, Cooper got tired after 10 min. so they tube fed him the rest of his feeding. Casen on the other hand nursed and finished his bottle. Way to go boys. I am going to try to nurse COle for the first time tomorrow. Speaking of Cole, when we went up to see them today he had thrown up all in his bed. Poor guy his reflux is still getting the best of him. Ella is now finishing her bottles in 7 min or less. Nonnie got to feed her yesterday, she was so excited. We have our CPR class this saturday, so we will be prepared should anything happen. Until next time.........

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