Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving right along

Ella is now taking all of her feedings from a bottle. She is such a big girl, well I say big, she only weighs 3bs 13oz. She is still nursing once a day, and then getting bottles the rest of the time.
Cole is now up to 4 bottles a day. Reflux seems to be much better
Casen is also on 4 bottles a day, and will start nursing once a day as well. THey turned Casen's O2 done to 3/4 a liter yesterday, and then today they turned it down to 1/2 a liter, so as soon as it is on 1/4 a liter he will be moved to level II with Ella and Cole.
Cooper is still doing really good on the nasal canalas, and he is now taking 3 bottles a day. He is not far behind the rest of them . His O2 is still at 1 liter. Cooper's nurse informed me that he had an explosion in his isolette last night, and he shot poop everywhere in his bed, so far that it managed to get on the walls of the isolette. GROSS! So when I got there today he was in a plain white T-shirt since he had managed to mess up his cute outfits. Boys;)

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