Friday, May 16, 2008

Cooper the Trooper

Jeremy and I walked into the nicu today and Nurse Patty, said check out Cooper's new look. We turned and low and behold his CPAP was GONE!!!!!!! He was on nasal canalas. The RT said he was putting up such a fuss that they decided to try it out and he did fine. Go Cooper. Ella is now taking six bottles of her 8 feeds a day, she is doing so well, she stills needs O2 when she eats, since she sometimes tires out easily, but other than that she is doing well and gaining weight. Cole is still fighting with that stinking reflux, but he is doing 2 bottles a day, and they are using Dr. Brown's bottles with him which seems to be doing the trick. Casen is cruising along, he is still on nasal canalas and taking one bottle a day. I can't believe how much has changed and how they have grown in 6 wks, they are considered 35 wks gestation, since that is how far I would have been if I was still pregnant. We were also told today that we need to sign up and take CPR for infants, when we do that it usually means a baby is getting close to coming home. So we shall see;)

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