Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nursing Quads!!!!!!!!!!!!

So just a sneak peek into my world of nursing quads. My schedule goes like this. Casen is nursed at 9am, Cooper 11am, Ella at noon, and we are going to add Cole to the nursing schedule tomorrow. I am however, going to learn to tandum feed. THis is where I will be able to nurse 2 babies at once, thank goodness, otherwise I don't think I would ever be doing anything else;) We are going to start trying this with Ella and Casen since they are the two strongest nursing babies, then Cole and Cooper. I am telling you I better end up a size 4 with all of this calorie burning that I am doing. Haha

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Sweety Hope said...


Congratulation for this birth !!

If you want to share your expeience with other quads moms from Texas :

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