Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Little Late

I am a couple of days behind on posting this, but I really want to have this one as part of my blog for my memory if nothing else.


One Year Ago Today-March 23, 2008

Pre-term labor and hospital lockdown!
About 6Pm I noticed I was having contractions. I laid down and drank some water, but they never stopped coming. I called Jeremy and kept him updated, while Ashley and Tammie kept me company at the house. As they were trying not to fall asleep, seeing how they had to work the next day. Sorry guys. Mom continued to call to check in as well. Then I woke poor Christie, who also had to go to work the next day. And we all came to the conclusion that i needed to go in and just let them check me out. So we headed to L&D, can I just mention those beds are sooo uncomfortable. The nurses got me all checked in and hooked up. They that's when all the fun got began. That was just being a little sarcastic. Because the truth of the matter was, I was fixing to be introduced to my worst enemy, MAGNESIUM SULFATE!!!!! I'll get to that part a little later. Dr. Reiter came in to check my cervix, and thankfully I hadn’t dilated any, but I WAS still having contractions. They had slowed down. He said that if the contractions stop then I could go home but he also said that rarely happens. He then remembered that I lived about 45 min on a good day from the hospital, then I got the dreaded, but knew it was coming statement. "You will be in the hospital until you deliver". I can't even begin to explain what hearing that sounding like. The reason I say that is because, my first thought was my other two kids at home. We had been telling them that this would probably happen. But lets face it, kids don't really understand, Mommys not coming home until the babies are born. I just kept reminding myself that I was doing what was best for the babies. Plus, this would only be for a short time. I will admit, that really didn't stop my constant thoughts from being at home with my other two kids. But I survived and so did they. The Dr. then told the nurses my contractions were 3 minutes apart, and I would need to go on the MAG IV. YUCK!!!! Let me tell you about this MAG mess. It makes you feel like you are flushed, headache, and have the flu all at the same time. He told me that if they stopped I could come off. I ended up staying on that until I delivered, luckily it was lowered to the minimum dose, which was so manageable. The nice part about the manageable dose, was that I felt normal, other than feeling like my cheeks were sunburned, so the sweet nurses hooked me up with a HUGE fan, that blew straight on me, plus the hum from it, drown out the noise from the hospital. I loved that fan. We were hoping I could keep them in until I was 30 weeks which would have been April 11th. When I went in that night, I was 27wks and 2 days. The next day, I was finally moved to anti-partum, where I spent the rest of my time waiting for their arrival. I was monitored 2 times a day, and was told to rest, and grow babies. I had the best nurses ever. My favorite nurses were Ethel & Maggie. Plus my favorite tech, Laura. My very sweet and wonderful husband was there the whole time by my side that first 24 hrs. Then after that he & our family took turns staying with me at night, so that I wouldn't have to be alone.
I will post about delivery day.

I also included our last picture of a family of 4, I managed to go into pre-term labor on Easter Sunday!
This is a picture of me being monitored, or should I say all 4 babies being monitored. HA! You can see my red (MAG) face! HA!


Cochran Quads said...

So Sweet! I know how hard it was to hear you're not going home. That was one of the hardest things I heard while there, it was so hard wondering if Hannah Noelle would understand. Can't wait to hear more about the story!!

Nick & Kelly said...

Never forget was one of the hardest things, but one of the best things, right? Look at what you have as a result of it! They are so beautiful!