Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tutu & Matching Hair bow Giveaway

Here's all you gotta do:

  • leave me a comment guessing the theme of the quads 1st birthday, and link!

  • The winner will be chosen randomly, just in case more than one person guesses it correctly

  • If you win, you pick the two colors of your choice

A winner will be chosen on Lucky Leprechaun Day, March 17th!

Perez Quads

  • Good luck!
My next giveaway will be very stay tuned!


Tina said...

Hey girl! I love the tutu!Its adorable on Ella! Looks like they or she is going to be a little bee? I think making them to sell is a great idea too! Sell the covers for the runabout too! Talk to ya soon, Tina

Surviving Triplets said...

Hmmmm, could it be a monkey theme although bumble bees also go! I'm going to stick to monkeys!


Moni Graf said...

How adorable! You definitely have a gift for being crafty. I LOVE the little ribbon decorated onesie, too.

My guess would be a jungle theme for their birthday...with Ella as the monkey! Or maybe it will be just plain "bananas"!

Whatever it is, hope you all have a great time.

Love from KS,

Caralyn said...

My guess would be a bug theme....with Ella as a butterfly.

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I think monkeys and bananas have to be it, with the yellow and brown!

Kelly said...

Butterflies and caterpillars?

Kelly said...

OOoh or bumble bees and ladybugs??

The Carlsons said...

too cute! you are coming up on a year! woo hoo :D have fun ;) oh, and my guess is something springy :)

-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 4.9yo boy

Martha said...

Hi Brandy!
This is fun and the tutu is adorable! I would have to guess.. the theme for the party is.. Winnie the Pooh.. those colors remind me of pooh.. and the honey! is this it? I would love a tutu for my niece! Hope I win! :) I will be posting your giveaway on my blog. Have you opened an etsy shop or online shop so I can post? I know you will sell these cute things you've done! Thanks!

Kaci said...

I am guessing a CIRCUS theme.

Anonymous said...

Do I get to make a guess too?? LOL...What do I get if I win because the only little girl I have to give it to is my niece (your daughter) and she already has one! By the way you did a good job on the tutu :)


Amber Schmidt said...

I am thinking its going to be MOD MONKEY! I saw a really cute 1st birthday set that was teal, blue and yellow with monkies!

Love the giveaway!


Angela said...

I'm guessing a jungle theme. I love the tutu, and if I don't win it, I would definitely buy one.