Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Move over Martha!

I am only kidding. I have been making a lot of super cute baby things. I have always loved to make stuff & be crafty, but I have never found the time. So go figure I have time now that I have almost 1 year old quads, and a 9 & 5 year old. I am not really sure when I find the time, other than nap time. I guess it helps that I don't work. Well outside the home full time anymore. My cousin is having a baby, and I have always loved these super cute burp cloths. As you all know they are EXPENSIVE! I decided to make them myself, and I am actually pleased with how they turned out. Hope she likes them. I made them using the gerber 2-ply burp cloths, you know the ones that soak up everything. Burp cloths were a demand in this house at one time.

Then a friend of mine I taught with is having a little girl, so I got out my creative skills and went to work on this onesie. I love how this turned out too. I made a matching hair bow to match. Miss Avery will look super cute in this. Her mommy loved it too. Sorry the picture is so bright.

Then we come to this picture. My very first Tutu. I made this for Ella's 1st birthday. Below are some really sweet pics of her modeling it for you. I am so pleased at how well it turned out. I didn't want to make it too long, otherwise she wouldn't be able to crawl. I too made a matching bow to go with the tutu. It was funny watching the boys try to eat it, while she was modeling it. I know it doesn't match her onesie, but I can't reveal her whole birthday outfit just yet. So can you guess what the birthday party theme is going to be from the colors of her tutu?

Alright, I have a question for all you bloggers out there. Should I take a shot at trying to sell these items? Of course I would do the colors & material of your choice. I really don't want them to be priced to high, because that is the whole reason I made them. I want cute stuff to be affordable, especially us mommas with multiples. My plan would be to make the onesies & tutu's with matching bows. I also have the crochet headbands available. Any thoughts on this would be great.


Cochran Quads said...

Go for it! Let me know if you do!

Misty said...

I love the tutus'!!! I say go for it! You should look to Etsy also. It is a great site for selling hand made items.
Keep me posted!``

Surviving Triplets said...

We must be thinking alike! I plan on making the girls tutus! Mine are going to be blue/white & yellow/white to match the theme. FUN! I say go for it.


Martha said...

Hi Brandy!

Go for it! Start selling them! They are way too cute! I love the tutu and the onesie with a matching headband! So cute! I would buy this for my niece! A good place to start advertising is by blogging. You can also open an Etsy shop. Its really simple to list items. Also, a great way to start is by having a giveaway! You will get a lot of people visiting your shop and you will start selling! Let me know what you decide! If you have a giveaway, let me know so I can post in my blog!

Martha said...

Ella looks adorable in her tutu! :)

Becca said...

I found your blog through Kelly's. Just thought I would add that you should definitely try to sell. Everything is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yes please sell them ---- they are adorable! I have seen some on ebay....but they were too expensive.