Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have to update our tooth count. I can't believe it is like overnight. This is just a quick post, but I don't want to forget. I promise birthday pics VERY soon.
Cole:3 last week NOW 6 total

Ella:0 last week NOW 1:)

Casen:2 last week NOW 2 trying to cut through

Cooper:2 last week NOW i have no idea, because we can't keep his hands out of his mouth long enough to try and see, but we think he has 2 more coming in as well.

WOW!!!!!!!!! I must admit they have been fussy. They had never been before when getting teeth, but NOW, WATCH OUT! They have even been running a low grade temp! We thought maybe ear infections, but NOPE doc says its TEETH X 4. :) I feel so sorry for them, they want to chew on everything or be held. Good thing Daddy has been off, and Mamaw is here visiting.

B-day post coming stay tuned.


me. said...

So, your youngest are GETTING teeth, but your oldest is losing teeth... do you deduct those from the final "tooth count"?

Anonymous said...

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