Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day @ Mardi Gras Kid Parade

I love Valentines Day! This year I found the boys the cutest shirts. They said, "Cupid is my homeboy!" I made Kennedy & Ella one. We spent the day together at the Mardi Gras Kid Parade in Galveston. I was a little worried about how the kids would respond to all the people and loud sirens, but as usual they had a BLAST! Of course we had the normal comments about the stroller, even had some say that we were a parade of our own. However aside from the few comments we really had a great time. Haiden & Kennedy really enjoyed catching all the beads and seeing all the floats.
I took a picture of this clown riding this bike, because I think I found the perfect way to take all 4 babies on a bicycle ride! HA! Just stick em in the wheelbarrow & off we would go!

The babies were not to sure about necklaces being thrown at them, but certainly didn't hesitate to put each one around their neck. They wore the necklaces for the rest of the day.
After the parade we decided to walk down to the beach. I have to admit I was so excited to see the reaction the kids would have playing in the sand. It was totally worth my excitement. THEY LOVED THE BEACH, even Cole. He was a little skeptical at first like he always is about everything, but quickly began enjoying fun in the sun & sand.
Cooper automatically started dancing in the sand.

Miss Ella, well she did what she does best...........collect as many things as her little hands will hold. This time it was ROCKS~ Casen ran around chasing Haiden with that red ball in hand! If you look at the necklace he is wearing, well that little necklace caused quite a meltdown at bath time when he had to take it off.

I just love this picture of Haiden & Kennedy on the beach with all of the necklaces they caught. We will certainly be making the Mardi Gras Kid Parade an annual family trip!

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