Friday, February 19, 2010

Your house or MINE?????

The kids got this house for Christmas from Nana & Papa T. We kept it inside so they would get more use out of it. They have had so much fun playing in it, the only problem is who's house is it?
Because according to Casen, he seems to think it is HIS HOUSE~ Little does he know it belongs to 3 others. I guess someone should tell him! Oh wait that is what Cole is trying to do in the above picture! Do you think he is listening? HA!
I don't think so because he is still in CHARGE of the door. Poor Kennedy looks like she is staying clear of MR. Casen!

Well looks like he did get the message, it just took a quick phone call to mom and dad from Miss Ella, and out of the way he got! Leave it to his sister to show him "who's house it IS"

*honestly though, they really do love this house even if they haven't figured out who the real owner of this property is!