Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After all the funky weather this past week, I mean really, one minute rain, next minute snow & then sunshine??????? Who really gets that kind of crazy weather in just ONE week..............TEXAS of course! With that being said, the sun was out and SHINING BRIGHT on Saturday, so I decided to try something new with the kids. I loaded them up in the stroller and off Kennedy and I walked to the PARK!Yes, the park, as that may not be a big deal to most, it is a big deal to me for several reasons. One, are they "big" enough for the playground equipment? Two, is the park going to be crowded? Three, I was going to be OUTNUMBERED in an HUGE OPEN space!!!!! So yes, it was a big deal! However I am pleased to say that they absolutely loved it, so much in fact that we ended up staying there for and hour! I just sat in AWE that these 2lb miracles that are turning 2 in just one MONTH were crawling, climbing, sliding and rocking on the playground equipment.

The best part of all of this was the MOST HEART MELTING SMILE that was on each of their faces, including Kennedy.
She loved playing with the babies and sliding down the slides with the "willing participants"!HA!
Cooper and Casen LOVED sliding down the slide even BY themselves. I couldn't believe it, and they also enjoyed climbing up the slide.
Ella enjoyed climbing on things but wasn't really having any part of the whole "sliding" just yet. She is still on the cautious side of things.
Then there is Cole who now has been nick named "Albert" for Albert Einstein. He is so inquisitive and always just sits back to "get a better look" at the SITUATION! He is still the most verbal & clear to understand. Mr. Casen, well this little stinker/dare devil that he is had NO FEARS at all! He was up and down everything. Even funnier moment was Casen trying to get Cole & Ella to have a mulch fight with him. Didn't happen, not with the two of them, however he did manage to load his clothes, shoes & diaper up with mulch.
Cooper too loved everything about the park. He really loved climbing UP the slide even with his stitches in his pinky finger. Before we headed home, we took Kennedy over to the "big kid" swings and let her swing for a while.

Bottom line is~~~~~we had a GREAT time and will be visiting parks more often! I would be lying to you though if I said, I would take them all by myself to a park that was crowded! Nana ended up going on our excursion for the day. We really enjoyed her company as did she enjoy seeing the smiles on the kids faces! It is another one of those "simple moments" in life that makes my heart smile.

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Betsy Gilbride said...

Good job!! They look like they had a BLAST!! Kennedy is such a great help!! My older two are full blown STALKERS when it comes to the park... its like kid CRACK!! :0

Hopefully the weather will stay nice-