Sunday, March 7, 2010

they say "ketchup", I say "BIG MESS"

I got a brillant idea to let the kids try ketchup.HA! I was really curious to see what the reaction would be~would they like, hate it or just wanna play in it? Well~~~~~~~~liked it & played in it was the correct answer. Except for Ella, she wasn't very interested in it at all, not even playing in it. She of course came out looking the same way she did before she sat down to eat, clean as a whitsle. She is being such a little Miss Priss in this picture, that is her new thing now, closing her eyes for pictures! Cooper decided painting his face and hair was the best choice! He looked so cute with it everywhere.

We laughed at them forever, watching the reaction from each one of them tasting it & playing in it. Cole wanted to wipe it on me while I was taking his picture!

Casen, I think will be the painter in the group. He just kept smearing it all over his tray!


Surviving Triplets said...

My kids LOVE that stuff. When I 1st started giving it to them, I would only put a drop or 2 & then eventually increased to where I can give them a fair amount although that is the ONLY thing they will eat when I give it to them. Forget the chicken nuggets or fries. HA!

Brandy said...

That is what I did this time was just give them a drop or 2, but they really did like it, but your right girl forget the nuggets! LOL