Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh No She DIDn't

OH YES SHE DID!!!!! She meaning ME!!! I took all 6 kids to the Houston RODEO!!!! My nephew Gavin was showing his steer at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo~ And of course WE could not and WOULD NOT miss his 1st time showing at a major show!So I made the decision to take all six kids to the rodeo with me. Daddy was working, so I put on my BIG GIRL PANTIES and took the plunge! What I do need to mention here is that when you show at these major shows, you never really know what time you will ACUALLY SHOW, so witht that being said I took a big risk and left for the rodeo WITHOUT the quads taking a NAP~ It is about a 45min drive for us to get to the rodeo. I got there parked ummmm yes in the NORTH FORTY, lucky me.HA! Got everyone out and loaded into the stroller and we were off!!!! See this really SWEET picture of 4 pair of cowboy boots which equals 8 BOOTS!!!! Well I must have put these boots on 100 MILLION times that day!!!!!

After we got to the steer aisle where Gavin was we found out he would be showing later than expected. Now I will tell you once we got to the show, NONNIE, AUNTIE HEATHER, UNCLE BRIAN & POPO were all there to help out with the quads! With time to kill, we decided to take all the kids to Ag ADVENTURE, where they could see all the animals, and it was kid friendly. We left the stroller behind and let them walk around this area. It wasn't TOO bad, we did have a couple of MELTDOWNS!!!! But really how many 2 year olds do you know that don't MELTDOWN! (with no nap to add)

They were so cute checking out the baby chicks.

Casen loved the PONIES, he wanted to watch them go AROUND & AROUND & AROUND! Get my point?HA!
Cooper loved the ROOSTERS!
Cole of course wasn't too sure about ANY of IT! Bless his heart!

Ella loved the bunnies!

Kennedy got to make a sandart, she loves anything CRAFTY! (wonder who she gets that from)Here is where the day starts to get a LITTLE HAIRY!! It is 2pm, and Gavin is no where near CLOSE TO SHOWING YET!!!!! I took the babies on a walk for about ummmmmm THREE MORE HOURS, yes folks you read that right, I walked them around and around and around that livestock area until Gavin showed at 5PM!!!!! Don't forget we had been there since 11:30am with NO NAPS! Now I know you can just imagine what they were like at this point. TIRED & READY TO GO HOME! Then the temper tantrums started and the BOOTS when a FLYIN!!! We watched him show then headed out for the HIKE back to our car. EVERYONE was so TIRED, but we just kept walking and chugging along, and I ALSO must mention it was 87' degrees outside. WE were hot & ready to be home. We got back to the car, I loaded everyone up, gave them their juice cups & snacks, loaded the stroller and got in the car to drive! Only legs felt like NOODLES!! After pushing that stroller around for 5hrs & the hike back to the car, I was ONE TIRED MAMA!!! But we had to go home, so I dug down in my mama ENERGY and drove us back home (with CASEN screaming the WHOLE 45MINUTES home,which who could blame him). We pulled in the driveway where Daddy met us at the car and told me he had dinner ready & a hot bath waiting on me! Did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hubby! All in all, it was a GREAT day! SO many things ACCOMPLISHED that day, my nephew 1st major show (which he didn't place, but had fun showing), babies 1st trip to the rodeo & ME TAKING ALL SIX BY MYSELF!! They & I had a lot of FUN & we all SURVIVED & WERE STILL SMILING!!!!


The Cochran Crew said...

Awesome!!!!! So proud of you mama! Doesn't it feel awesome!!!! Great job daddy for letting her soak when she got home!

Brandy said...

Thank you Sandra! It was AWESOME, but tired is how I really felt.LOL

Kimberly & Alex said...

YOU GO GIRL! you're my inspiration

Tina said...

YOU ROCK MAMA! I don't know if I could have held out all day! tha's one smart daddy too! Talk to ya soon! Tina