Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another School Dance

Get a look at the handsome young man! Haiden had his second school dance this year. This dance was the 5th & 6th grade Valentine Dance. (yes I am a month behind on this post)
Notice he is wearing TENNIS SHOES!!!!! I about had a fit that he was wearing tennis shoes, but apparently I don't have a clue on "cool dress code" so I decided this was NOT a battle I was going to fight. Besides it wasn't my dance, it was his dance. He had a really good time. He went solo again to the dance, well maybe not solo since he, Gavin and Perry all went together. My point is he didn't "ask" a girl to the dance. I am not complaing either!HA! There will be plenty time for "asking girls to the school dances"! He had a really good time, I still can't believe he is old enough to be going to school dances!
Haiden & his cousin Gavin.

Them being "cheesy"

Haiden, Gavin and Perry!

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