Monday, December 8, 2008

Iron Chef America

That's right, you read it right, we had Iron Chef America, Perez Quad Style, live in my kitchen on the day of Thanksgiving. How, you might ask, well let me tell you. Jeremy had to work nights on Thanksgiving, so he went to lay down around 10am, right after we had fed the babies. I on the other hand, had a lot of cooking to do to get ready to go over to Nonnie & Popo's for dinner. If you don't already know Haiden loves to cook, and watches cooking shows. Well when I am cooking he always wants to help, no biggy right? Also I should mention Kennedy is starting to want to help. This is where Iron Chef comes into play. The babies decided they were not going to hang out and play in the floor, there was just too much action going on in the kitchen, so I thought "OK I can do this, get them, put them in bumbo chairs on the counter and just keep cooking. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, I now have ALL 6 kids in the kitchen wanting to help, and I am attempting to make Pecan Pie, Broccoli & cheese casserole, corn casserole, and chocolate delight (which let me inform you I have done a million times) but, with all my help somehow I couldn't even read the recipe to even begin the pecan pie, much less any of the other dishes. At this point the phone was ringing, babies yelling, big kids wanting to know when the cooking is going to start, and Daddy upstairs asleep, OH yes and dinner time was just a few hours away. It's funny when I watch Iron Chef none of this is ever going on, so I figure it only happens when you in the kitchen of Perez Party of 8. I decided to give the babies big spoons and spatulas to bang around, and the big kids pecans to start chopping, and me, well I just kept rereading the recipe and laughing. I at this point turn to everyone and say "O man I sure hope I am getting all the correct ingredients in each of these dishes, if not oh well, who else gets to have Iron Chef America live in their kitchen"
Needless to say, it all worked out, and everything was cooked and I even had time to change clothes and put a little make up on. All though I was seriously thinking that the ingredients on my face, may just have to pass for make up. Just kidding, I looked presentable for Thanksgiving. We had a great time cooking, and pretending we were:


Now the real question is, can you tell who was Emeril, Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, or Sandra Lee?

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Surviving Triplets said...

HOW FUN! You all look like you had a blast! YAY!!!