Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TEXAS SNOW down by the GULF!!!!!!!!

You know what they say about Texas weather. "Stand there 5 minutes and the weather is sure to change. That is exactly what happened today. Yesterday, the weather was 75 degrees down here in Galveston, but today it is 39 degrees. Then the unthinkable happens tonight

IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!

Some of you reading may be thinking to yourselves big deal it snowed, but what you don't understand is it hardly EVER snows in TEXAS. I tried to wake Haiden, but he was quick to remind me that he has seen snow before, and was going back to bed. So off to get Kennedy up, because of course there was NO WAY I would wake the quads. And Jeremy was working nights, so off to get Kennedy. She was such a good sport, she and I played in the snow for about an hour. Then Nana came over to join in the fun. They ended up having a snowball fight. Yep, enough snow for a snowball. Cooper did wake up, so I took him to the door and let him watch the snow falling, he quickly saw it, and just stared at the falling snowflakes. I got it on video.

On another note, everyone is officially steamrollers except Cole. Cole is so laid back he is just not worried about getting anywhere in a hurry. Everyone is also up on all fours. Cooper, Cole, & Casen are all doing the inchworm or Army crawl. Ella can go, but she is not all about fighting with those stinking boys. I guess she figures she did that long enough in the womb. No teeth, just drooling babies, and wanting to chew on everything. Casen is however, almost able to push himself up from his belly to a sitting position. No one is sitting by themselves yet. Now with everyone OFFICIALLY MOBILE, let the gate placing begin. :) Even though they are getting around no one is messing with the tree or the presents, not this year anyway. They are very fascinated by the lights on the tree.
Cole is also shaking his head "no no". It is so cute. Ella is still doing the lizard tongue. Cooper has a new trick when you put him into his bed, he pulls down the bumper pads so he can see out, it is hilarious to watch. Casen must have seen him do this because he too has started it, but the difference with Casen is, he screams and yells when you are walking out of the room. Almost as if he is saying "duh, I am watching you leave us here, and apparently you are ignoring my screams." Yes, I am ignoring his screams.
I still have two thumb suckers, Ella and Cole. Cole now takes his blanket and wraps it around his hand before he sucks his thumb. They are only sucking it when they are going to sleep. Here is some pics for you to enjoy.


Andria said...

Sounds unreal! wow! I can't imagine what it's like figuring out what to wear for the day!

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Wow! That is so beautiful! They likely won't see snow down there again for a long time. We got some too but not enough to have snowball fights. It sounds like the little ones are really growing up fast and "moving" right along. Keep it up!

Carie said...

I just came across your blog. You have a beautiful family. I have four kids myself. Triplet girls that are six and a two year old boy. I can't imagine two more!