Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Lights Sort of`

One day while the big kids were at school, we decided to hang the Christmas lights. Jeremy and I got them done while the babies were napping. The only thing we had left was to put out some of the yard stuff , so we finished that up with the help of the babies! It was to funny watching them. I tried my best to get pics of it, but they were running everywhere with such excitement. I love this picture of the boys "helping" daddy.
So the pictures are not of them actually involved with the yard decorating, just more of them running around playing. If you notice Cooper was not in the mood to stay still for pictures, therefore there is not one of just him. In the group shot of us all, you get to see the back of his head! HA!
It was so different this Christmas since they were 20 1/2 mos old, they were so fun to watch and they were so much more involved. I can only imagine what next year will bring! HA!

Casen getting kisses from mommy!

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