Friday, January 29, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk to eat or not to eat.....

that seemed to be the question??????

We took advantage of a great day to get outside and play before more nasty weather hit us. While we were out there I saw a bucket of sidewalk chalk and thought this would be great to let the kidddos play with! I guess what I should of said to myself was this ought to be a great new thing for them to taste.HA! They totally cracked me up with putting it in their mouths and even though after the first taste they made an ugly face, they still kept putting it in their mouths.
I will say they did figure out how to write with it or mark with it on the driveway & the trailer.

These are a couple of my favorite moments from that day too. I wasn't sure where most of the chalk went, their mouth, the driveway or their CLOTHES! HA!

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