Saturday, January 2, 2010

Family Pictures

I have been the worst blogger EVER here lately! I am so mad at myself for it too. I promised myself I would not let my blogging get behind, and here I am BEHIND. SO with that being said, I am going to have to blog all of DECEMBER in this next week. With all that blah, blah blah being said, let the blogging marathon BEGIN!

These are a couple she took of us after we put the babies in the car, and I am glad she did! I love this one of Jeremy and I. We love to DANCE, as a matter of fact that is the first thing we did the night I met my high school sweetheart. We just celebrated our 13th Anniversary this December~

We had family pictures taken this year, and surprisingly it went ok. I really liked how some of them turned out. I must mention it was really wet, and then all of sudden while we are taking pictures the good ole' TEXAS TEMP dropped to freezing COLD! Needless to say we didn't take as many as we wanted to but, got in some good ones. Jeremy and I have finally got it down to a "T" how long it takes to get all 8 of us ready to go out. Here are some of the pics from that day, these were my favorites anyway. Cooper was a mess when it came to getting a photo of him, he was too interested in the waterfall and the leaves!

My sweet & handsome Haiden, I love this photo of him.

Daddy and all his love bugs~
Kennedy took so many great photos, I had a hard time picking out my favorite, but I have to say this one is just BEAUTIFUL of her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Casen, the picture is a perfect image of his personality. He is so funny, and has the cutest smile~one of those "how could you get mad at me faces"The boys DID NOT want to sit on the BENCH, even though they were crying, I still love this photo!
Me with my diva and diva in training~
Cooper was wanting to get away, because down below our feet was a big pile of leaves he has just discovered.

Ella was being such a ham that day, and was in such a great mood~ I love this one of her. Poor COle on the other hand was not feeling the whole "picture day" and needed some loving.

You gotta love this one! All the babies were watching Nana dance around behind the photographer to get there attention. Problem was, Nana was on the side of the photographer not behind the photographer. HA! This is actually one of my FAVORITE pictures of us.


Martha said...

Hi! I love the family pictures! They turned out so cute! :) Hope you are doing good! Martha

Brandy said...

Thank you Martha!

Anonymous said...

Brandy - Love, love, love the photos! You guys are a beautiful family and God has Blessed you abundently!!! Debi