Thursday, January 7, 2010

dancing Queen & a class party

Kennedy had her annual dance Christmas party at the studio where she takes dance! This year she is learning so much more and getting to use the bars in ballet. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to dance~The class does a quick show of what they do on a normal dance day & then perform a small Christmas routine. This year they performed a ballet dance to Sugar Plum Fairy.
Miss thang did an AWESOME job! She was so cute, she kept looking over at us all to make sure we were watching!
After the dance they have a little Christmas party with yummy treats and visit with there dance friends.
This week she also had her 1st grade class Christmas party. Wow! I am tired just typing it! Her teacher asked me if I would mind making cupcakes for the class, since the kids loved the turkey cookies so much. I was totally excited about making them. Of course you knew that already~After school that day, Kennedy and I went to the store to get all the goodies we were going to need to make reindeer cupcakes. (because of course they couldn't just be plain cupcakes)! She and I had great one on one time making them for her class.

She is really loving first grade. She is doing FANTASTIC in reading, as a matter of fact, she is already on a second grade reading level and close to being on a third grade. Math on the other hand is not her favorite, but once she "gets" it, she takes off with it. She is wanting all A's on her report card each time. Which is so funny, because her MAIN reason for wanting this is to make sure she does as good or better than Haiden. Jeremy and I have never said they had to make all A's. We just tell them to do the best you can. So the COMPETITIVE side of her with school is something new. Don't get me wrong, I am glad she wants to do so well, but sometimes she will get upset if it is not an A. I don't want her to put that kind of stress or worry on herself. So we shall see! Kennedy loves Mrs. R & so do we!

I have to admit something about these cupcakes, I thought I was going to go CRAZY trying to break the pretzels just right to make the antlers, but Kennedy loved them and that was all that mattered to me! I think I have another cooking partner, because Haiden too loves to cook!

*notice the reindeer house shoes~she wanted to make those made it into the picture as well*

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